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Our production facilities are stocked with all necessary modern equipment for manufacturing heat-exchange equipment, capacitive and nonstandard equipment, including:

  • machine cutting of flat rolled stock up to 200 mm thick;
  • lathe machining up to 1 000 mm in    diameter and up to 5000 mm in length;
  • vertical boring and turning processing up to 3150 mm in diameter and up to 1600 m in height;
  • CNC production center processing with maximum dimensions of a workpiece to be processed up to 1200x800x800 mm;
  • sheet-bending equipment with bended sheet thickness up to 120    mm;
  • centres of automatic welding of  longitudinal and circumferential seams up to  5000 mm in diameter and  25 000 mm in length;
  • automatic orbital welding plants for pipes  up to 70  mm in diameter;
  • stands for hydraulic tests with pressure up  to  60 MPa. 



 In 2008 a pipe-bending CNC machine manufactured in Germany by Sсhwагzе Rоbitес GmBН was brought into operation. It has the following bending characteristics for plain and finned pipes made of carbon and stainless steel with minimum diameter of 12 mm and maximum diameter of 114х3 mm, axial bending radius from 30 to (285+65) mm and maximum bending angle of 180 degrees, running accuracy up to 0,1 mm  which provides  bending accuracy  of +0,1 degrees.


In 2011 an automated spiral pipe finning line based on high-frequency welding method, manufactured in South Korea was put into operation.  Finning parameters: plain pipe diameter 16 ... 219 mm, pipe wall thickness 1,5 ... 15 mm, postweld fin height 10 ... 25,4 mm, strap thickness 0,8 ... 2.5 mm, fin pitch 3. .. 25,4 mm, maximum finned length 22 000 mm. Pipe material:  carbon low-alloy pipes. Pipe fin material: low-alloy stainless steel.




In 2012 our Company purchased a high-speed automated spiral pipe finning line with finning rate up to  6 m/min.

In 201З a five-axle horizontal boring machine manufactured by "DONOBAT Group" with table dimensions of 14000хЗ000 mm, processing height up to 1.000 mm and  spindle extension up to  1900 mm, designated for mechanical processing of large-dimensioned products was assembled and put into operation. The machine also has a turn table 3x3 meters extendable up to three meters with bearing capacity of 60 tons.
In 2016 an automated bimetallic pipe finning line enabling to perform G, LL, KL sealing, manufactured in Soth Korea, was started.

Welding facilities are equipped with a console-based automatic welding unit designated for automatic submerged arc solid wire welding and automatic argon arc welding, which enables to weld longitudinal seams and girth seams of low-alloy and high-alloy carbon steel products of up to З.5 m in diameter equipped with a set of adjustable driving roller devices ОВР-60ПЭ with bearing capacity of  60 tons and continuously adjustable rotation rate.  A NА-5 welding head manufactured by Lincoln Electric is designated for automatic submerged arc welding with direct current power source DС-1000. The welding center is equipped with an automatic argon arc welding system. Welding head with an inverter power source manufactured by EWM enables to carry out automatic argon arc welding with solid filler wire from 0,8 to 2.00 mm in diameter. Automatic argon arc welding system is equipped with a transverse oscillation device and an arc length keeping device. 

Equipment for automatic arc and electroslag surfacing of tubular and flat structures with 30-60-90 mm tape is also available on-site. The deposit welding complex is designated for automatic direct current single-pass and multipass submerged-arc welding and electroslag facing of tubular and flat structures with following geometrical parameters:

  • inner diameter of cylindrical surfaces: from 400 to 3500 mm;
  • outer diameter of cylindrical surfaces: from 300 to 2000 mm;
  • maximum diameter of butt-end surface deposit welding: 5000 mm;
  • minimum diameter of butt-end surface deposit welding: up to 200 mm;
  • deposit weld tape width: 30-90 mm;
  • deposit weld tape speed: 250 mm/min.


Heat treatment furnaces with maximum heating temperature up to 1100 oC and out-of-furnace and local heat treatment equipment is available on site.

Company production facilities are equipped with overhead traveling cranes with lifting capacity up to З2 tons. Maximum weight of a lifted article is 60 tons, up to 5 meters in diameter and up to 40 meters in length. The Company manufacturing area is 16900 m2, personnel capacity is 270 employees.

The Company logistics system includes a railway branch, warehouse facilities and private fleet of cargo and special vehicles:

  • carrying capacity up to 50 tons;
  • carried cargo dimensions: 5050х5000х24000

In case of exceeding the aforesaid dimensions, cargo carriage shall be performed with the support of partner cargo-carrying service companies.

Modern technological equipment, control & measurement facilities, test benches, tests in the Central  plant laboratory and Company staff consisting of highly qualified professionals and skilled workers enable us to fulfill orders  promptly, ensuring high quality and at fair prices.