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Chemical laboratory determines the content of chemical elements in base and welding material, in welded joints and deposits. Laboratory tools and equipment enable to perform analysis within the accuracy of measurements up to the hundredth of one percent determining the content of carbon, silicon and other elements. Computer database of structural steels and alloys grade composition analyzes metal composition with estimated metal grade representation on the display.

Specialists performing the following types of analysis work in the laboratory:

  • Spectral analysis
  • Photoelectric spectral analysis
  • Steeloscoping for alloy content determination

Central plant laboratory is certified in test laboratories accreditation system. A quality management system is implemented in the Central plant laboratory.  Internal control consists of internal inspections, test conditions control and intralaboratory control of measurements and test results quality characteristics by standard reference samples, certified mixtures, spiking tests, work samples and using methods of comparison. Quality management system control:  internal audit is performed by quality control department specialists, external audit is performed by Research & Training Centre "Kachestvo" ("Quality", Moscow) and customer representatives.