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The nondestructive testing laboratory performs basic & auxiliary material quality control, welded joints and deposits quality control, using the following control methods:

  • Radiation (radiographic) testing;
  • Penetrant inspection (liquid penetrant testing, leakage tests)
  • Visual & dimensional inspection;
  • Magnetic (magnetic particle testing);
  • Mechanical tests;
  • Corrosion tests;
  • Metallographic tests;
  • Element content estimation methods.


Nondestructive testing laboratory is stocked with modern equipment for all types of conducted control. Control operations are performed by certified professionals. Radiographic testing is carried out in a special X-ray chamber complying with applicable standards and regulations. Radiographic testing chamber dimensions are 78 m2 (11,5 х 6.8 х 6,1 m). X-ray flaw detectors application is licensed by the Directorate of Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing for Bashkortostan Republic. The NTL laboratory is certified by nondestructive testing laboratories certification system.