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Heat Exchanger BN

Air heat exchanger of emergency heat removal system (EHRS) for reactor unit BN-600, BN-800



Designed to transfer heat from the coolant of the intermediate circuit of the emergency cooling system, circulating inside the tubes to air circulating in the annular space, with the aim of cooling down RU:

  • the loss of the system power supply;
  • termination of feedwater to all steam generators;
  • seismic impact;
  • normal operation (e.g. overload of the reactor). Air heat exchanger is a protective element and reftrs to the 3rd safety class. Classification mark - ZNZ.

Are used in fast neutron reactors.

Air exchanger meets requirements of the WTO applicable to the equipment of the 1st category of seismic stability, according to NP-031-01. Climatic version of the WTO
- UHL 4 GOST 15150-69.