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Centrifugal separators for NPP turbine plant

In order to increase operational efficiency of steam intermediate superheat and separation systems of NPP turbine plants "Baset" Research & Production Company offers to modernize these systems by installation of high-speed centrifugal separators on bleeding pipelines of the turbine. This

This separator is a cylindrical vessel with inside separating modules which are fixed into tube sheet. Moist steam is supplied through the nozzles into the inlet chamber ofcentrifugal separator. Then it goes into separating modules where swirlers put the flow into rotational motion. As a result, the water under centrifugal force falls on the inner walls ofmodule and is removed through the annular slot into the separating chamber. Dry steam is delivered into the straightener and outlet chamber of the separator. The water separated from the steam in the space between the modules precipitates on the lower tube sheet and then removed through discharge nonles.

The centrifugal separators are delivered both for upward and downward steam movement.