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EPO ejector

EPO ejector is a development of "Baset" Research & Production Company, created under the import substitution program.

Multi-stage steam ejector EPO-3-150 is used in steam turbine plants at nuclear power stations for maintenance of discharge in the condenser of the steam turbine by permanent ineondensable extraction. 

The ejector consists of a vacuum system with a steam turbine K-1000-60/1500 in accordance with the principle thermal scheme of turbine at 100% condensing mode (without steam extraction over generation and without the addition of chemically desalinated water in the cycle) at a constant thermal power of the reactor plant.

The ejector is designed to suction air-steam mixture from the condenser and maintain the design steam pressure (vacuum) in it during all modes of operation of turbine equipment.

Process medium

Processing medium is a steam with absolute pressure 0,49 MPa (5,0 kgf/sm2).
The cooling medium is the main condensate system low pressure regeneration.

The ejector is an element of normal operation not effecting the safety. Refers to the 4st safety class according to the NP-001 "General Safety Regulations OPB-88/97", to the II category of seismic stability according to NP-031-01 "Earthquake Resistant Nuclear Power Stations Norms" (the level of design earthquake of 4 points on a scale МSК-64).

Rated characteristics:



Pressure of the working steam in front of the nozzles, MPa (kgs/sm²)

0,49 (5,0)

Temperature of the working pair, °С


Consumption of the working pair, kg/h


The flow of steam-air mixture, kg/h


Suction pressure at rated flow, kPa abs.


The ejector is made in accordance with the characteristics imposed by the customer.