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Sprinkler nozzles

Sprinkler nozzles are elements of the sprinkler system. Sprinkler system is designed to reduce pressure and temperature inside the hermetic shell of the reactor compartment by spraying through sprinkler nozzles reagent solutions inside the containment, the condensation formed by primary circuit leaks of steam.

Sprinkler nozzles are designed to spray fire sprinkler water with a specified degree of dispersion with a predetermined spraying angle of the torch nozzle. Therefore, sprinkler system is used to prevent or limit the release of radioactive substances resulting from the implementation of project emergency operation with decompression of the primary circuit, outside the zone of localization of accidents by reducing the pressure and temperature and of the binding of radioactive iodine contained in the pair and the air of the hermetic zone.

Referred to the 1st category of seismic stability according to NP-031-01 "Earthquake Resistant Nuclear Power Stations Norms" (the level of design earthquake of 7 points on a scale МSК-64).

Place of installation and indoors environmental parameters in: 

Sprinkler nozzles installed at the distributing collector ring ofeach sprinkler system canal (3 canals), located in the dome space of containment.