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1 - U-shaped, 2 - housing, 3 - tube bank with sheet, 4 - distributing header, 5-baffle.



U-shaped heat exchangers are used for heating and cooling fluids and gaseous media without changing their aggregative state. They are designed for pressures up to
6.4 MPa and they are different from the heat exchangers with floating head by less complex design (one tube sheet, no inner lid), but may be only two-way, of only one pipe range, 20x2 mm. The heat transfer surfaces and main parameters of these exchangers are given in GOST 44245-79


The devices are designed for installation in geographic areas with seismicity up to 7 magnitude according to the 12-point scale adopted in the Russian Federation.

"BASET" Research and Production Company offers a range of U-shape heat exchangers:

  • with floating head;
  • with tube sheet;
  • tube banks to heat-exchangers of floating head and tube sheet types.