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Tower equipment is designed for carrying out heat and mass transfer (distillation, absorption, desorption) at temperatures below -60 °C and not higher than 800° C at a pressure:

  • up to 1 MPa (10 kgf/cm2) - for units with regular packing;
  • 1.6 MPa (16 kgf/cm2) - for units with dumped packing;
  • 2,5MPa (25 kgf/cm2) - for tray towers;
  • without pressure and under vacuum (at a residual pressure at least 665 MPa (5 mm Hg)).

Packed  towers   are used mainly for distillation of highly corrosive or viscous products, as well as when it is necessary to have a small reserve   of fluid, in the rectification process, not requiring fine separation and in absorption processes with high specific heating of liquid.