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TRAY SHELL COLUMN 400 - 800 MM IN DIAMETER (version 2)




Index:Tower code:
Unit  diameter, D, mm 400 и 600800
Tray spacing, h, mm200300400200300400
Thickness of the bottom, S, mmChosen by customer according to Appendix
Type of internal
(of the tray)
Т1Bubble-cap trays 26-01-66-86 ind.standard
Т2Sieve valve trays 26-01-108-86 ind.standard
Т3Louver-valve trays 26-01-417-85 ind.standard
Т4Grid trays 26-675-78 ind.standard
Quantity of trays in the bottom-2--1-2-------2--2--1-2-
Height, mmShell  118009008001200
Bottom 12230026502300230026502300300023002300230023002300230026502300230030002300265026502300300023002300
Lid 13350450

Designation of lug-supports acc. to GOST 2696-84

Support 2-10000Support 2-25000
Quantity of lug-supports3 for 400 mm diameter, 4 (along the axes) for 600 mm diameter
Unit height,
Н, mm
With cylindrical support535057006150615069505800635063507050815061506150695077507750915058506200705070508260620070507050
With lug-support480051505600560064005250580058006500760056005600640072508800880053005650650065005300600065006500