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Intended use:

Superheater MSR (СПП) is designated for permissible humidity provision at the last turbine stages and increasing heating plant efficiency due to drying and superheating of steam coming after high-pressure cylinder of a saturated steam supplied turbine. External steam separation and resuperheating at almost optimum pressure increase plant efficiency up to 3,5 - 5 %. Resistance of such plants amounts to 5 - 6 % of steam pressure after high pressure cylinder (1 % of overheated steam pressure loss reducesplantefficiency to, at average, 0,05 %).


MSR superheaters are vertical devices consisting of two parts: a separator and a steam superheater whcih in majority of superheaters are placed in one shell. Steam superheaters consist of either one or two superheating stages.

Either corrugated separators or high-frequency centrifugal separators are applied. The separators can operate either at declining or at lifting steam movement. Separators are made of stainless steel.