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WASTE-HEAT BOILER К–60/3,9–350–585

Intended use:

The multiple forced circulation waste-heat steam boiler with supplementary firing of natural gas is designated for superheated steam generation due to exhaust heat utilization from gas turbine plants (with the capacity of 16 MW.


Waste-heat boilers include: a water economizer (2 phase), an evaporator, a steam superheater, a boiler drum and boiler drum internals, pipelines with fittings and valves, circulation pumps, the boiler carcass and lagging.

Heating surfaces and an afterburner of the boiler are designed as finished block-modules completely assembled at the manufacturing plant.

The waste-heat boiler has a multiple forced circulation evaporating circuit. The waste-heat boiler is gas tight and is designed for pressure operation. The waste-heat boiler operation processes are  automated.