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Finning Tubes

Highfrequency welding method                                                                                       

Automated spiral tube finning line  based on  high-frequency  welding method,  manufactured  in South
Korea  was  put  into  operation.  Finning parameters:  plain  tube  diameter   16 ... 219  mm,  tube wall
thickness  1,5 ... 15  mm,  postweld fin height 10 ... 28 mm,  strap  thickness  0,8 ... 2.5 mm, fin pitch
3. .. 25,4  mm,  maximum  finned  length 22 000 mm.  Tube material:  carbon low-alloy pipes. Tube fin
material: low-alloy stainless steel. Finning rate up to  6 m/min.


Technical characteristics

Tube OD, mm16÷219
Tube wall thilness, mm1÷15
Fin hight, mm5÷28
Fin thikness, mm0,7÷2,5
Pitch, mm2.8÷25,4
Finning length, м23

Embedded Fin Tube Machine GL-70



 Technical characteristics

Tube OD, mm16÷52
Tube wall thilness, mm0,8÷15
Fin thikness, mm0,45÷2,5
Pitch, mm2,3÷25,4
Finning length, м23
Coefficient of finning21




G Fin (Embedded fin)
The fin strip is wound into a machined groove on the tube surface and securely locked into place by back filling
with base tube material. This offers exceptional heat transfer efficiency at
higher tube metal temperature.
Maximum Working Temperature: 750oF(400o C)
Fin Materials: Aluminium, Copper, Carbon Steel
L Fin
L-shaped strip gives optimum contact pressure of the fin foot onto the base tube thus improving the heat transfer
efficiency.This also gives considerable corrosion protection to the base tube.
Maximum Working Temperature: 270oF(130oC)
Fin Materials: Aluminium, Copper
LL Fin
Same as L Fin except the fin foot is overlapped giving more corrosion protection. This type of finned tube is often
used as an alternative to the more expensive extruded type fin in corrosive environments.
Maximum Working Temperature: 330oF(165oC)
Fin Materials: Aluminium. Copper
KL Fin
Same as L Fin except that the base tube is knurled before application of the fin foot. After application, the fin foot is
knurled into the corresponding knurling on the base tube thereby enhancing the bond between the fin and tube,
resulting in improved heat transfer characteristics.
Maximum Working Temperature: 500oF(260oC)
Fin Materials: Aluminium, Copper